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The "Rivages" come from the influence that the Occitan coast, the ponds that surround me have on me. They intoxicate me, inspire me and question me on the notion of space, perspectives, invite me to capture only the essentials of these fields of light and colors. They create real wonder, stir up my desire to paint and melt into this natural unity where the elements coexist without antagonism in perfect harmony.

The minimalism of pictorial means is a desire for purity, simplicity. Go to what seems to me to be the essential. Nothing should stop the gaze. only a few vertical elements whose reflections are magical create a rhythm that leads to enter further into the painting.

Although they correspond to the reality of these landscapes, the blues are above all chosen as "vectors" to bring the gaze into the picture, the immensity of these places which run to the horizon, appeasement.

I wanted this work to open up the fields of an inner journey, of beneficial reverie and reflection at this moment when the gaze can rest and rest, glide to the horizon. I wanted to talk about nature and the sky which relieve us of our shackles and generously give us the feeling of a harmony that nothing can alter, of a possible return to a form of grace.


Declared professional painter

at the Maison Des Artistes and at the URSSAF


Directory of artists from the Occitanie region



 (+33) 06 28 35 09 82


Classes at the School of Fine Arts of Nîmes

Ateliers de l'Artothèque sud - Silkscreen art



► "Between the sky and the water", Charron room, Teyran, 9 to 12/12/21

►"Open door to artists' studios" day, organized by the       Occitanie Region, Sunday October 2, 10

► Espace Molière, Agde, 28  June-August 30, 2021

► Exhibition, gallery "We Art from Paris"

► Saint Ravy Gallery, Montpellier

► Gallery N, Montpellier



► ArTeyran, art fair in Teyran, from November 18 to 21, 2021

► solid'Art, Zénith sud de Montpellier, September 24, 25 and 26, 2021

► Regional artists fair. Juvignac 2020

► Artist exhibitions from Occitania organized by the Region

► Pyramid'Arts. La Grande Motte. 

► Bô, traveling gallery. Marseille-Montpellier

► "Terralia" exhibition - Chai du Terral Saint Jean de Védas

► "Elan d'Art" / Corum of Montpellier

► "The soaked cabin" Mauguio

► The Corum of Painters. Living room. Montpellier

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